A primary reason why the value of London, Ontario homes have been steadily going up is because comparitively, London is still cheap compared to cities to the east of us. Generally, the closer you get to Toronto, more the more expensive housing is and on average, the price of a home in the Greater Toronto Area home went up 40% last month with an average sale of $951,404! While homes seem very expensive to longtime Londoners at an average price of $487,120 in July, 2020, it’s still about half for those two hours down the 401 to our East. This has been equating to buyers from the GTA moving to London with early retirements, transferring jobs, just finding work here and especially with COVID-19, more people working remotely from home. Not to mention, the pandemic has hit Toronto harder than London and let’s face it, London is a great place to live! Read more in the link to the article below.